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The Power of People Together

As a community-oriented practice, Dothan Hematology & Oncology knows the power of putting people together. Our team of physicians, nurse practitioners, chemotherapy-certified nurses, pharm techs, lab techs, pharmacist and patient care coordinator are dedicated to the needs of our patients, providing hope to them and their families.

Because patients generally make frequent visits over a period of time, it helps to have familiar, friendly faces to welcome them and care for them. How do we treat them? Like family.

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Coordinated care

At Dothan Hematology & Oncology, our approach to care is hands-on. Doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, lab techs, and pharmacist each put in the time and attention to best fulfill their individual roles. At the same time, they all work together, sharing critical information to coordinate the best possible treatment and outcome.

When needed, the team also ensures that patient information is shared with other institutions after a referral, such as to UAB in Birmingham, the Mayo Clinic in Florida and M.D. Anderson. However, we’re proud to report that in over 95 percent of cases, a patient’s entire course of treatment is handled right here.